Slave Burials in the Old College Ground

From the Death Register of Holy Trinity Church, Georgetown, a list of slaves buried in the “Old College Ground”, a burial ground on the campus of Georgetown University until 1953.



Charity, a servant woman of Mr. Zech. Smith’s, who died the 19th inst.

(January 18, 1821)


Peter, a Servt. Boy of Mrs. Weaver, who died the 21st inst.

(January 22, 1821)


Smith’s Louisa, a col’d child

(January 22, 1821)


Teresa, a servt. woman of Mrs. Spalding

(January 31, 1821)


Rachel, a Col’d Woman of the College Wash House

(October 22, 1821)


Ruth, a Col’d Woman of the Visitation

(January 24, 1823)


_____ a child from the people belonging to the Monastery

(February 20, 1825)


Charles – black – servant of the College

(January 3, 1832)


Mary, (Col’d) daughter of John Lee, a free (Col’d) Man, and of Mary, a slave to Mr. Newton age 6, was buried in the College Ground, paid.

(January 5, 1835)


George – black – servt. of Miss Jane Sewall = chol.[cholera]

(August 29, 1832)


Clare – black – servt. of Mr. Jos. Semmes – chol.

(September 4, 1832)


Sarah – black – servt. of Mrs. Widow Semmes – chol.

(September 6, 1832)


Leonard (Butler) black – a servt. of Mr. Birth – chol.

(September 7, 1832)




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