Joseph T. Kengla and Family



Joseph T. Kengla and family, circa 1881



Joseph T. Kengla and family, circa 1881 (detail): left to right, Kengla and his wife, Clara Clagett Kengla; Teresa and Laura Clagett. The child with back turned is Ella Clagget Kengla (Holland). The man in the center with a curious white cloth under his hat, is Henry Kengla. By baby carriage, Thomas Louis Kengla; the infant in the carriage is Claire Elizabeth Kengla (Mohun). Behind the carriage, Alice Gertrude Clagett, twin sister of Clara Clagett Kengla. By fence, Thomas Rezin Clagett.  (Photograph courtesy of a descendant.)



Joseph T. Kengla (1840-1927) was a dealer in beef, lamb, veal and mutton, with a stand in Centre Market. The house in the photograph was built about 1870, on what is now Wisconsin Avenue, opposite and a little north of Observatory Lane.

By the time Joseph T. Kengla wrote his will––in 1913, on a page from his receipt book––the Kengla family had resided in upper Georgetown for more than a century.  Kengla’s house was torn down to make way for the Calvert Theater; today it is the location of the Sheffield Apartments.



(District of Columbia Archives)




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