Herbert Morgan, Astronomer


Herbert Morgan (1875-1957) (USNO Archives)



Herbert Morgan at the telescope. (USNO Archives)


For many years Hall Place was the home of many astronomers who worked at the United States Naval Observatory. One of these was Herbert Morgan (1875-1957) who lived at 2252 Hall Place, and worked at the Observatory from 1901 to 1944, calculating the orbits of comets and asteroids. After he retired he computed a catalog of the positions and motions of more than five thousand stars.

In 1911 Morgan bought one of the first houses on Hall Place, and, although he undoubtedly walked to work, in about 1918 he also acquired the first car on Hall Place, a dilapidated Ford in which Morgan sometimes took his daughter Amy, and Amy’s best friend Margaret Woodward, on outings.


“Dr. Herbert R. Morgan, 82, Retired Naval Astronomer”, Star, June 12, 1957




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