“Doc” Eisenberg, of Plain Old Pearson’s



Samuel Eisenberg (Washington Post, January 17, 1987, p.E1)

Samuel Eisenberg (Washington Post, January 17, 1987, p.E1)



Samuel (Doc) Eisenberg, owner of Pearson’s Plain Old Liquor Store, has been bantering with neighbors for most of his 81 years. The store bears the name of Pearson’s Pharmacy up the block, where Eisenberg formerly worked as a pharmacist. The pharmacy still serves hearty meals at an L-shaped counter, with specials spelled out on blackboards. Eisenberg, a native of Poland, calls the neighborhood “one of the finest sections in the metropolitan area. We are proud to be a part of Glover Park, because Glover Park has accepted us with open arms.”

(Anne Simpson, “Glover Park: Quiet Pride And Character”, Washington Post, January 17, 1987, p.E1)




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