Robert Barnard


Robert Barnard (1786-1852), born in England, immigrated 1816-1820, 1821, married Sophia Cropley (1796-1872), born England; they had 12 children.

(Robert Barnard’s son, Robert W. Barnard, was a Union officer, commanding United States Colored Troops. See Col. Robert W. Barnard)

Robert Barnard, Treasurer, Patowmac Company, office, Georgetown (National Intelligencer, July 21, 1825)

Potomac Company-Notice: the passage of boats through the locks at the great falls at Potomac, will be stopped on July 16th next, to complete repairs absolutely necessary to the works there. Robert Barnard, Treasurer (National Intelligencer, July 4, 1827)

Congress appropriated 1 million for C&O Canal in 1825. Work began in 1828.

1830 Robert Barnard, secretary of the Potowmack Canal Company and Asst. Clerk of the C&O Canal Company  (Jonathan Elliot, Historical Sketches of the Ten Miles Square, 1830)

Built Normanstone in 1830, a Devonshire cottage of clay, straw, pebbles, with walls four feet thick.

Columbian Horticultural Society, Robert Barnard, William Cammack, members (National Intelligencer, July 9, 1834)


Died at Normanstone, near Georgetown, Samuel Maurice Barnard, eldest son of Mr. Robert Barnard, age 14 (National Intelligencer, February 24, 1835)


Samuel Barnard 2/23/1835, William King’s Mortality Books, Vol. 2

Robert Barnard 9/28/1835, William King’s Mortality Books, Vol. 2


1840 census 3 slaves


Samuel J. Barnard 11/9/ 1846, William King’s Mortality Books, Vol. 2

Robert Barnard 10/12/1852, William King’s Mortality Books, Vol. 2

Robert Barnard’s child 8/23/1854, William King’s Mortality Books. Vol. 2


Died at the residence of Mrs. Sophia Barnard, Normanstone, May 31, Mrs. Philippa Cropley, wife of the late Richard Cropley. She was born July 4, 1776. (National Intelligencer, June 3, 1861)


Mary Barnard Cissel (1826-1861), 4th child, married R. S. T. Cissel, Georgetown druggist.


Died on September 15, at Normanstone, near Georgetown. In the 36th yr of her age, Mrs. Mary Cissell, wife of R. S. T. Cissel (National Intelligencer, September 16, 1861)


Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, in equity #1723, Pierce and Barber against Robert Barnard and heirs and administratrix. Statement of the personal real estate of deceased at my office in Georgetown, May 27.––Walter S. Cox, special auditor.

(National Intelligencer, May 16, 1862)

Circuit Court of Washington DC, in equity # 1723, Joshua Pierce, surviving executor of Margaret Adlum, & Margaret C. Barber, v. Sophia Barnard, administratrix, Robert W Barnard, Lawrence C. Barnard, Rebecca A. Barnard, John Higgins & Sophia D. his wife, & Chas. Talcott & Theodosia L. his wife, & others, heirs of Robert Barnard, deceased. The late Robert Barnard & Robert W. Barnard, their joint and several bond, dated June 5, 1851, became bound to the late Margaret Adlum; $2000 & interest, since December 5, 1859. Robert Barnard died intestate without sufficient personal estate to pay said bond & other debts, but leaving real estate of 23+ acres in DC. Robert W., Richard C., Rebecca A., & Lawrence D. Barnard, John Higgins & Sophia D. his wife, & Chas. Talcott & Theodosia his wife, some of the said Robert Barnard’s heirs, reside beyond this district in different states of this union, to appear April next. – John A. Smith, clerk.

(National Intelligencer, November 6, 1861)


Circuit Court of Washington DC, in equity #1723, Pierce and Barber against Robert Barnard and heirs & administratrix. Statement of the personal estate of deceased at my office in Georgetown May 27- Walter S. Cox special auditor (National Intelligencer, May 16, 1862)


For sale – Normanstone, the late residence of Robert Barnard, in Georgetown; 24 acres. Apply to R.S.T. Cissell, or J.J. Barnard, Bridge Street, Georgetown (National Intelligencer, April 27, 1863)


Samuel M. Barnard died at his residence, February 6, 1872, age 34. (Georgetown Courier, February 10, 1872)

Mrs. Sophia Barnard died at Normanstone age 75, April 11, 1872(Georgetown Courier, April 13, 1872)

Mary E. Barnard married Joseph S.C. Taber of Philadelphia (Georgetown Courier, May 3, 1873)

Kate R. Barnard (1823-1895), 2nd child, oldest daughter, lived at Normanstone until her death.

Theodosia (“Thedie”) L. Barnard Talcott Hambleton (1840-1925), youngest child, married Charles Talcott, a Virginia Engineer in 1858. He died of tuberculosis in Georgetown, 1867. She continued to live at Normanstone until 1899, when she remarried and moved to Maryland.

Her daughter by Talcott married Herman Hollerith (inventor of census tabulation machinery 1890, founder of IBM); they inherited Normanstone.


(Michelle Krowl, Finding Guide to Robert Barnard Papers, Historical Society of Washington, MS 541, 1997-8)



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