Carlton Fletcher

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Self-portrait (713), 2009




Carlton Fletcher received his degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, 1972), and American University (MFA, 1982), and is one of the founding members of the Washington Studio School (1985).

Between 1977 and 2013 he had twenty solo shows, at Wolfe Street Gallery, Georgetown Art Gallery, Hull Gallery, the Washington Studio School, and at Jane Haslem Gallery (most recently in 2013, 20102007, and 2005).

Group shows include: Washington Art from the 1940s through the 1980s, American University (2014); National Juried Exhibition, Gallery 84, New York (1996); 169th Annual Exhibition, National Academy of Design, New York (1994); New American Figure Painting, Contemporary Realist Gallery, San Francisco, and Clemson University (1992); Lennart Anderson Selects, First Street Gallery, New York (1990); The Human Figure in New Painting & Sculpture, New York Academy of Art (1990); and Prints: Washington, Phillips Collection, Washington (1988).

His work is in the permanent collections of American University, Georgetown University, Washington & Lee University, Stanford University, and the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities.








Angler's (Cloudy), 2013

Angler’s, Cloudy (736), 2013



Friendship Street, Newport, 2013

Friendship Street, Newport (737), 2013



Broadway Store, Newport, 2013

Broadway Store, Newport (738), 2013



Venice, Florida 1, 2013

Venice, Florida 1 (739), 2013



Venice, Florida 2, 2013

Venice, Florida 2 (740), 2013



White River Junction (670), 2006



Smart’s Mountain (672), 2006



Manor Place (674), 2006



Potomac River (680), 2006



Angler’s Dusk (682), 2006



Temple of Clitumnus (686), 2006



Angler's PM, 2009

Angler’s, PM (695), 2009


Battery Kemble (697), 2009



Spoleto, 2009

Spoleto (699), 2009



Warner Street, Newport, 2009

Warner Street, Newport (701), 2009




Bancroft Alley, Dusk (710), 2009



Bancroft Alley (Noon) 1, 2009

Bancroft Alley (Noon) 1 (721), 2009


Angler’s, Dusk (725), 2009



Manor Place (Dusk), 2013

Manor Place, Dusk (734), 2013



Hall Alley, 2009

Hall Alley (692), 2009



W Street Alley, 2013

W Street Alley (728), 2013



Huidekoper Place 1, 2013

Huidekoper Place 1 (729), 2013



Huidekoper Place 2, 2013

Huidekoper Place 2 (730), 2013



Manor Place (Winter) 1, 2013

Manor Place, Winter 1 (731), 2013



Tunlaw Houses, 2013

Tunlaw Houses (733), 2013



Manor Place (winter) 2, 2013

Manor Place, Winter 2 (735),  2013







Oval Still Life, 1983

Oval Still Life (346), 1983




Still Life with Charles I, 1989

Still Life with Charles I (507), 1989




Memento Mori,1989

Memento Mori (505), 1989




Still Life (In Memoriam), 2011

Still Life (In Memoriam) (727), 2011



Self-portrait, 2006

Studio (Self-portrait) (687), 2006



In the Waves, 1993

In the Waves (553), 1993



Diana & Acteon (543), 1993



Civic Life, 1991

Civic Life (531), 1991






Composing with Figures

Drawings by Carlton Fletcher

Washington & Lee University, 2000



Reclining Male Figure (Study for Execution), charcoal, 1991


Reclining Female Figure (Study for In the Waves) charcoal and chalk, 1991


Conrad’s Back, charcoal and chalk, 1991


Conrad’s Back, charcoal and chalk, 1991


Conrad, Hands Clasped Behind Back, charcoal and chalk, 1991


Head on Pillow (Study for Execution), charcoal and chalk, 1991


Standing Female Figure (Study for Diana and Acteon), charcoal and chalk, 1991


Standing Female Figure (Study for Diana and Acteon), charcoal and chalk, 1991


Standing Female Figure (Study for Diana and Acteon), charcoal and chalk, 1991


Conrad, charcoal, 1991






In the course of trying to find out how painting works I have sometimes concentrated on close observation; at other times I have tried my hand at a little invention. Although at any given moment I might have thought myself to be an exponent of one particular kind of painting, looking back I see that I have actually pursued quite a few kinds.

What remains constant is that, whatever the painting ultimately wants to be, and by what route it wants to get there, only comes to light while doing the work. When I am doing it right I’m not really in charge, but just required for the small chore of moving the paint from the palette to the canvas. When I am doing it right, the painting paints itself.

I can still remember the feeling when I first saw a Vermeer painting reproduced in a magazine; it felt like a glimpse of a more lucid reality. Each subsequent discovery of yet another artist who played in that league was like the discovery of a new world. One of the conclusions I drew from these encounters was that the history of drawing and painting, classical and contemporary, is a continuum, and that, in art at least, there is no meaningful separation from the past.







American University, MFA, 1982

Rhode Island School of Design, BFA, 1972




American University, 1984-1987

Washington Studio School, 1984-1987

Washington Studio School, 1999-2012




Milton and Sally Avery Fellow, MacDowell Colony, 1994

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 1982

Graduate Honor Awards in Painting, American University, 1980-1982

Fellowship, Virginia Center for Creative Arts, 1980

Fellowship, MacDowell Colony: 1976, 1977, 1979

Finalist, American Academy in Rome, 1975

European Honors Student, Rome, 1971-1972

Burleigh Prize, Providence Art Club, 1971



Guest Speaker & Juror

Washington & Lee University (guest speaker), 2000

George Washington University (juror), 1999

Washington & Jefferson College (guest speaker & juror), 1999

Art League of Alexandria (juror), 1999

Rhode Island School of Design, Rome (guest speaker), 1998

American University (guest speaker), 1994

D.C Commission on the Arts (juror), 1994

Georgetown University (juror), 1991

Marymount College, Tarrytown (guest speaker), 1989

Art League of Alexandria (juror), 1987

George Washington University (guest speaker), 1986



Permanent Collections

Williams School of Business, Washington & Lee University

Elder Collection, Georgetown University

Watkins Collection, American University

Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University

Artery Organization, Bethesda

West Collection of Art and Law, St. Paul

DC Commission on Arts and Humanities

National Institutes of Health



Solo Shows                  


Continuity: Paintings and Prints, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (2013)

The Atelier, 2002-2008, Washington Studio School (2010)

New Paintings, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (2010)

In and Out of the Studio: Landscape, Figure, and Still Life Paintings, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (2007)

Satyrs & Nymphs: New Monotypes, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (2005)

A Retrospective of Drawings and Paintings, College of Southern Maryland (2002)

Panorama II: Landscapes by Carlton Fletcher, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (2001)

Figure Drawings, Washington & Lee University (2000)

Panorama, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (1998)

Arcadia, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (1996)

In the Waves, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (1994)

Landscapes, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (1991)

Paintings, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (1989)

Carlton Fletcher: Recent Work, Washington Studio School (1986)

Dancers at the Bar, Hull Gallery, Washington (1985)

Paintings by Carlton Fletcher, Hull Gallery, Washington (1984)

Lee Newman & Carlton Fletcher, Hull Gallery, Washington (1983)

Paintings by Carlton Fletcher, Georgetown Art Gallery, Washington (1981)

Paintings by Carlton Fletcher, Georgetown Art Gallery, Washington (1979)

Paintings by Carlton Fletcher, Wolfe Street Gallery, Alexandria (1977)



Group Shows                  


Washington Art Matters II: Washington Art from the 1940s through the 1980s (Ben Forgey, Andrea Pollan, Jack Rasmussen, curators) American University (2014)

The City Lights: Urban Portraits and Landscapes, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (2012)

Landscapes, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (2010)

All in the Family: A Juried Show of American University Alumni, American University (2007)

RISD DC Biennial 2007, The Warehouse, Washington (2007)

20th Anniversary Exhibit, Founding & Current Faculty, Washington Studio School (2006)

Contemporary Realism: A Survey of Washington Area Realists (F. Lenox Campello, curator), The Athenaeum, Alexandria (2001)

Intersections: Faculty and Students of the New York and the Washington Studio Schools, Artists’ Museum, Washington (2000)

Ambience and Energy, Noyes Museum, Oceanville, New Jersey (1999)

Contemporary American Printmaking, Staunton Augusta Art Center, Staunton, Virginia (1998)

Washington Studio School Faculty Retrospective, Artist’s Museum, Washington (1997)

National Juried Exhibition (Ivan Karp, juror), Gallery 84, New York (1996)

Painting Today (William Bailey, juror), Erector Square Gallery, New Haven (1995)

American Watercolors, Drawings & Prints, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (1995)

169th Annual Exhibition, National Academy of Design, New York (1994)

Printwork ‘94, National Juried Print Exhibition (David Kiehl, Whitney Museum, juror)  Dutchess County Art Association, Poughkeepsie (1994)

American Prints: The Last Half of the Twentieth Century, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (1993)

Hero, Fondo Del Sol, Washington (1993)

New American Figure Painting, Clemson University; Contemporary Realist Gallery, San Francisco (1992)

Prints: Washington, Corcoran Gallery of Art (1992)

Washington Genre Paintings, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (1991)


Art and the Law (1991):

Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta

Cedar Rapids Art Museum

Minnesota Museum of Art

Marquette University Museum of Art


Self-portraits in Print by American Artists (1990-1994):

Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin

University of Indiana Art Museum

Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Northwestern Michigan College

University of Arizona

Cheney Cowles Museum, Spokane

De Pauw University

Carlton College, Minnesota


Lennart Anderson Selects, First Street Gallery, New York (1990)

The Human Figure in New Painting & Sculpture, New York Academy of Art (1990)

Memento Mori, Fondo del Sol, Washington (1990)

Approaching the Figure, Georgetown University (1989)

Black & White, Reynolds Minor Gallery, Richmond (1989)

Prints: Washington, Phillips Collection (1988)

Landscape/Cityscape, Franz Bader Gallery, Washington (1988)

Selected Works from the Watkins Collection, American University (1987)

Washington Studio School Faculty, College of William and Mary (1987)

Self-portraits, Jane Haslem Gallery, Washington (1985)

Prints by Painters, Emerson Gallery, McLean, Virginia (1982)

Friends of the Corcoran: 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Corcoran Gallery of Art (1981)

Realism and Representation (David Tannous, juror), Arlington Art Center (1980)

Contemporary Still Life, Art Association of Newport, Rhode Island (1979)

Ten Painters at City Hall, Providence, Rhode Island (1977)





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